The Affordable Healthcare Coalition of North Carolina will again grade legislators on their commitment to healthcare affordability during the General Assembly’s 2023-2024 legislative session. The Coalition will score actions on bills that impact healthcare costs and access.

When bills that affect healthcare affordability and access are filed, amended, or voted on, the Coalition will notify legislators and coalition members that the legislation could be scored.

Members will always be notified prior to a vote if it is to be scored.

As scored bills are introduced and voted on, they will be published on the Coalition’s website for our grassroots advocates to see.

Grades will be based on many factors, including:

  • Votes on the floor and in committee  
  • Bill sponsorships & co-sponsorships
  • A member’s work and effort throughout the legislative session to support or oppose efforts to lower health care costs.  

At the close of the legislative session, each of these factors will be weighed and members will be assigned a grade that ranges from A+ to F.

The 2021-2022 scorecard crowned six A+ Champions. In total, 16 bills were scored. 10 were supported and six were opposed. Three bills supported by the Coalition became law. No opposed bills became law.

The grades will be released in an “Affordable Healthcare Scorecard” to all legislators, staff, and Coalition members.

Individuals interested in finding out how their representatives voted on healthcare affordability can do so on the Coalition’s website by entering their address.

How to Take Action

Our Coalition is only as strong as our advocates. Grassroots support is how we effect change. Take Action for lower healthcare costs.

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