The Affordable Healthcare Coalition scores actions on bills that impact healthcare costs. Issues that are part of the scorecard include, prescription drug costs, mandates, industry competition, surprise billing, increased insurance options, and other items that impact consumer healthcare costs.

There are no current bills pertaining to that issue.

Forfeiture of Health Insurance Rights
No items found.
Telehealth Mandate
Hospital Mergers & Consolidations
No items found.
Healthcare Costs
Increased Access to Life-Saving Medication
Pay Pharmacists More Act
Cost Increasing Mandate
Prescription Drug Costs
Prescription Drug Transparency Act
Naloxone Rx Mandate
Rx Pricing Transparency
Oral Chemo Drug Mandate
House Amendment: Higher Rx Costs
Surprise Bills
Medical Billing Transparency Act
Greater Transparency in Healthcare Billing
Expanded Insurance Options
Allow Employers to Offer EPO Benefit Plans
Certificate of Need Reform
Increase Healthcare Competition