Healthcare Costs

The cost of healthcare in North Carolina is too high for families and businesses. The price of healthcare services is the primary driver of those high costs. To lower healthcare costs for families, we have to lower the price tag of healthcare services.

Prescription Drug Costs

Nearly a quarter of every dollar spent on healthcare goes towards paying for prescription drugs. Prices far outpace inflation, as Big Phara's profits reach record highs. To lower healthcare costs we must lower the cost of prescription drugs.

Certificate of Need Reform

Certificate of Need (CON) is a government regulation that restricts the number of medical facilities that can operate in a given area. In many instances. this limits competition that can improve quality and lower costs. Reforms are needed to North Carolinians can innovative, affordable healthcare.

Surprise Bills

Surprise medical billing is one of the biggest issues facing healthcare consumers. 1 in 10 Americans have been a victim of a surprise bill and medical bills are the leading cause of bankruptcy. Protections are needed for patients and families.

Expanded Insurance Options

High-quality, more affordable health plans need to be made available to North Carolina businesses, workers and their families. Too often government regulations get in the way.

Hospital Mergers & Consolidations

Across the country, and right here in North Carolina, hospitals and entire healthcare systems joining forces to produce one massive conglomerate. It's a trend that is causing costs to go up and quality to go down.

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Telehealth can expand access and lower costs through more efficient and cost-effective delivery. Government mandates pose the biggest threat to telehealth's long-term goals.

Forfeiture of Health Insurance Rights

Hospitals have long pushed for legislative reforms that would allow them to have you sign over your insurance rights through an "Assignment of Benefits." An AOB would raise costs, increase out-of-network surprise billing, and erode quality.

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