A bipartisan North Carolina General Assembly proposal (Senate Bill 249/House Bill 277) would increase healthcare access and lower costs by removing outdated government regulations to allow high-skilled nurses to practice at the full level of their education and training.

The Coalition SUPPORTS to this legislation.

Specifically, the legislation would remove a requirement that Advanced Practice Registered Nurses get an agreement from a physician to supervise their work – a requirement that was already waived to expand access to care during COVID-19.

Importantly, the legislation would not allow Advanced Practice Registered Nurses to do anything they are not already doing. It would simply remove an outdated and burdensome government regulation that requires these nurses to meet with a “supervising” physician every six months and pay the physician a fee.

Permanently removing this barrier could greatly expand access to care while saving up to $4.3 billion in healthcare costs, without any sacrifice in quality.

Actions related to this bill will be factored into a member’s Affordable Healthcare Grade at the close of the legislative session.

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