On the heels of the Senate Health Care Committee passing Senate Bill 505 last week, a second committee today advanced the legislation that would help protect patients from surprise medical bills.

The Senate Commerce and Insurance committee voted to pass the legislation which requires that patients be notified prior to a procedure if anyone caring for them at an in-network facility is out-of-network.

The bill also says patients must be told the expected cost for the out-of-network service.

Surprise billing is one of the biggest issues facing healthcare consumers today. 1 in ten Americans have been a victim of a surprise medical bill received from an out-of-network provider. And it drives up costs by roughly $40 billion a year.

The transparency provided through Senate Bill 505 will give patients the opportunity to find other, in-network alternatives if a provider on their care team is out-of-network. Or it will allow them to prepare for the cost of the out-of-network service.

Most importantly, the patient will have the information they need to make an informed decision.

The Coalition SUPPORTS SB505 will grade lawmakers on how they voted in Committee today.

This important legislation has now passed two key Senate Committees.

And the momentum signals that we could see it on the Senate Floor soon.

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