You have to hand it to Big Pharma.

It takes some audacity to claim you have the best interest of patients at heart as you lobby to remove one of the few remaining protections for runaway drug prices.

Pharma has tried to put the blame for rising drug costs on pharmacy benefit mangers (PBMs), but the truth is that PBMs are the only ones negotiating prices on behalf of the patient.

It takes zero shame and plenty of self-delusion to make the argument while you’re masterminding a national scheme to bribe doctors into prescribing dangerous opioids.

The United States Department of Justice had this to say about Insys Therapeutics, who admitted to the bribery as its CEO awaits sentencing:

"For years, Insys engaged in prolonged, illegal conduct that prioritized its profits over the health of the thousands of patients who relied on it," said U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling in a statement. "Today, the company is being held responsible."

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Insys “settled” for a handsome $225 million.

No wonder they need more freedom to gouge prices.

The powerful pharmaceutical lobby knows that the public is furious about rising drug costs. They have been trying to put the blame on PBMs - despite the fact that PBMs job is to represent the financial interests of patients in the negotiation. But we know that only one party sets list price of drugs and that is the pharmaceutical manufacturers themselves.

We cannot let big pharma use the law to eliminate our only advocate in price negotiations.

Here’s what you can do to help: Write your legislator and ask them to oppose the language in SB 432.

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