For years the healthcare field has been trying to harness the power of today’s wearables (Fitbits, Apple know the drill) to improve your healthcare. Now there may be a new way.

Fitbit has recently created a position called President of Digital Health and hired from the C-suite of a popular drugstore and pharmacy chain to fill it.

Walgreens executive Adam Pellegrini will focus on working with healthcare providers, insurers, pharma, and patients to figure out how to integrate data from these devices into an overall health plan for patients. For instance, could your doctor look at your wearable’s heart rate monitor or step tracker to understand your heart health better? Probably. Mr. Pellegrini’s focus will be learning how to make these kinds of collaborations a regular part of patient care.

We’re all for it. Any new learnings that can give your doctor better insight into your health might help prevent problems before they start, leading to less expensive outcomes. Downside: we can’t lie about how regularly we exercise anymore.

Learn more about Fitbit’s new hire.

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