This just in: it doesn’t matter how well those last wind-sprints went. If you sat all day before you hit the track, your heart’s still unhappy.

The American Heart Association recently held a big ol’ meeting and published a statement: You can’t bargain with the heart. It won’t forget that you sat still for eight hours straight with no lunch just because you decided to pull on your yoga pants and hit the Bikram studio after work. Your all-nighter will not be canceled out by your good-morning jumping-jacks.

You know how your spouse didn’t forgive you for the dishes argument — like, ever — just because you brought home chocolate the next day? It’s like that but with an organ.

The solution is so obvious it’s kind of unsatisfying: Stand up from your chair and stretch every fifteen minutes. Take a walk around the office once an hour. Walk around the block a few times a day.

Another consideration: the better your preventative health is now, the better your fiscal health will be, always. If that’s not good incentive, we don’t know what is.

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