As we combed through research and articles about surprised billing, Wall Street’s continued takeover of our healthcare system, and COVID-19 price gouging, we stumbled upon a piece of news that still seems too baffling to be true.

Before we share, consider all we’ve learned over the past few months:

If you’ve been reading these reports and still aren’t convinced profiteering is eclipsing patient care in the healthcare space, here’s this new headline:‍“

”Mayo Hits Pause on Luxury Hotel”

‍Say what?

It turns out, Mayo Clinic has plans for a posh new luxury hotel, built in partnership with a Singapore-based real estate titan. It’s delayed, but still planned and still slated to cost Mayo Clinic a cool $190 million.

No reports yet on which hotel giant will manage the facility, or what they’ll name it. Might we suggest: “The Surprise Billing Hotel and Spa”?

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