Ask any Miss America contestant: being judged isn’t fun. And hospitals across the country are feeling the pain right now.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has released ratings of more than 3,000 hospitals. Their scores are based on more than 60 factors, including infection rates, patient reviews, and timeliness of care. (That last one’s particularly relevant in North Carolina; our emergency department wait times are through the roof, particularly for mental health.)

So how did we do? Meh. Out of more than 200 individual hospitals, we only had four five-star winners, and the most well-known hospitals in NC didn’t make the grade. (To be fair, that’s about even with the rest of the country. There were only 251 five-star ratings in the U.S.!)

And the winners are...

  • Novant Health Medical Park Hospital in Winston-Salem
  • Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital in Greensboro
  • Carolina East Medical Center in New Bern
  • North Carolina Specialty Hospital in Durham

Congratulations to those four! But we want better. And while we’re at it, we want to find ways to control healthcare costs in our state. Everyone has to do their part to accomplish that: we need healthier individuals, less burden on our emergency rooms, and better outcomes and value from care. Our part — and our purpose for being — is to advocate for North Carolina’s fiscal health. Hospitals, we’ll help you do your part by doing ours.

Read more about the hospital ratings.

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