The healthcare debates have a surprising new participant: Mark Cuban, owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks and wildly successful businessman.

The blunt billionaire businessman had this to say about drug companies and price gouging: “It's time to bring drug pricing under control. Empathy arbitrage can not be a pricing strategy.”

He goes on to say in a follow-up interview. “I’m all for capitalism at its purest, but it requires capitalists acting like human beings first. If they don’t, the cost of health care goes up for everyone to the point where we can’t afford insurance and people die or receive inadequate care.”

Cuban recognizes that the rising cost of healthcare is an issue that requires everyone to play a part in solving the problem, including drug companies. And we agree. Businesses need to try and drive quality of care versus quantity of prescriptions, providers need to strive for better outcomes, patients should seek healthier lifestyles. And the legislature needs to stop passing mandates.

Check out the interview with Mark Cuban here.

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