ICYMI - The Trump administration has agreed to continue making Obamacare payments to insurers after the Congressional Budget Office estimated that cutting off payments would add $194 billion to federal deficits over the next 10 years.

So, what's next for America's healthcare? What should we do going forward? Here's what people are saying in our latest Opinion Roundup.

  • While it may be tempting for progressive Democrats to rub this Obamacare "victory" in the GOP's face, this article cautions against gloating. Why? Because it says by resisting the temptation, Congressional Democrats can lock in Obamacare's main achievement — to make coverage for all the starting premise for political contests over healthcare.
  • A writer for Newsweek argues that the downfall of the "repeal and replace" attempts was not solely due to a lack of presidential leadership or divisions between moderates and conservatives, but "Republicans' failure to recognize how much the winds had shifted." She essentially says that the GOP needs to refine its agenda the next go around and that Republicans and Democrats should work together to repair problems in the private insurance market "to actually serve the public that elected them."
  • An op-ed author echoed similar sentiments and said, "It is time for a respectful, bipartisan effort in Congress, (that begins with) addressing the most serious challenge in Obamacare: the individual, or non-group, market, which affects about 22 million people."
  • But, Robert Andrews wrote in the New York Times that "private sector healthcare must change" and it's not waiting for anyone, not even Congress.
  • Speaking of the NYT - it reported on an unlikely "fix for healthcare morass" - a tech startup called Aledade, saying investors and technology entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley see the American healthcare system as the next great market for reform.
  • And lastly, this article paints the private sector as the thing that can "show Congress the way."

What do you think about the current state of America's healthcare? How do you think we should move forward? Should we keep Obamacare intact? Work together to craft a replacement bill? Share your opinion here in the comments or on Facebook and let's start a discussion.

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