House Bill 346 cleared the North Carolina Senate by a wide bipartisan margin of 41-5. It previously passed the House by a vote of 86-26.

The legislation gained broad legislative support because it will cut government red tape so some North Carolina businesses can more efficiently use their resources to improve healthcare and lower costs for consumers.

Currently, certain businesses in the state face burdensome, and often debilitating, over-regulations when it comes to using their resources to lower costs and improve care.  

With the passage of House Bill 346, those restrictions will be a thing of the past.

“Cutting unnecessary government red tape is just good business,” said Senator Todd Johnson, a Republican supporter of the bill. “We’re getting rid of over-regulations and making it so more money can be put towards lowering healthcare costs for small businesses, workers and their families.”

While House Bill 346 will provide more freedom for some North Carolina companies to efficiently invest resources, the legislation requires that those investments be put towards improving healthcare in the state.

“This bill is about better healthcare for my constituents,” said Senator Mike Woodard, a Democrat and proponent of the legislation. “We made sure that any investments support increased access to care, greater affordability, and improved consumer experience. That’s a win for our state and the people I represent.”

House bill 346 has been subject to a lengthy legislative process. It was introduced on March 9 and went through four committee hearings in the House before being passed. It was heard in two additional committees in the Senate before being brought up for a vote on the floor.

The bill now heads to Governor Roy Cooper to be signed into law.

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