The North Carolina General Assembly’s legislative session has ended, and thanks to your dedication and advocacy, we got multiple bills signed into law that will help lower healthcare costs!

Check out some of our victories – and don’t forget to see how your representatives voted.


House Bill 346 cuts red tape so certain North Carolina companies can more efficiently use their resources to invest in lower costs and improve healthcare for consumers. Thousands of you emailed your representatives and called their offices to help get this bill passed. Because of that hard work, we have removed unnecessary layers of government bureaucracy so investments can be made in increasing access and improving quality, which will generate downward pressure on costs.


After years of policy discussions and political wrangling, North Carolina is finally expanding Medicaid starting December 1, 2023. Many of you have helped advocate for a fiscally responsible form of expansion for years. This year, we finally got it over the finish line.

Expansion will help nearly 600,0000 working individuals afford health insurance and drive down healthcare costs for businesses and consumers who already have it.


While more needs to be done, meaningful Certificate of Need reforms were passed this legislative session. The reforms will increase competition among healthcare providers, which will drive down costs and incentivize new, innovative care options.

We will need your voice and efforts to make further changes to CON next session. Increasing competition is one of the best ways to drive down costs for consumers.


The General Assembly passed legislation that authorizes the state to move forward with a single, statewide healthcare plan for families and children in the foster care system. The regional system that was in place was failing families and costing taxpayers. The new system means better care for children and families, a more efficient use of tax dollars, and an end to the urban-rural divide that plagued the system.

Thank you to everyone who wrote your lawmakers urging them to support this change.

Your efforts this legislative session resulted in real changes that will lower healthcare costs for consumers.

Thank you for all that you did.

And thank you for all you will do to continue our efforts. Your involvement is the key to our success and our best path to lower healthcare costs for businesses and families.

How to Take Action

Our Coalition is only as strong as our advocates. Grassroots support is how we effect change. Take Action for lower healthcare costs.

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