Rumors are flying around Jones street about a massive “omnibus” health care bill that would be designed to take on many of the issues we currently have facing our broken health care system. But from what we’re hearing, one key problem is not being addressed.

The cost.

In fact, this omnibus bill would likely make the problem worse.


NO mandates, NO giveaways to drug companies

Worst case scenario is that this bill is a Greatest Hits of all the bad ideas that we know will raise our costs billions of dollars – hits like:

Assignment of Benefits – AOB ensures that negotiating power is stripped away from the patient and payer, freeing hospitals to increase their rates – to the tune of $2.2 billion in North Carolina.

Crippling drug price negotiators Pharmaceutical giants would use the lever of the law to impede the ability of Pharmacy Benefit Mangers to successfully do their job and keep drug costs under control.

Telehealth parity – With parity, government mandates that insurers cover everything a doctor would do in an office as a telehealth visit (get ready for your virtual appendectomy). Earlier versions also mandated that we pay the same for a telephone call that we do for an office visit.

Mandates, Mandates, Mandates – Wouldn’t you like it if the government made a law that forced people to buy your products? That’s what a mandate is – and why drug manufacturers and others love them.

These ideas do nothing to reduce healthcare costs for struggling patients, families and small businesses. All they do is shift more money from other parts of our economy to the special interests in the healthcare industry – which already swallow almost 18% of our GDP.

Will there be anything in this bill that addresses the actual cost of health? Will our state finally tackle surprise bills or our outdated CON laws that eliminate competition in healthcare?

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